New Year's Work Resolutions
By Rachel Howe on Thursday, January 05, 2017

The new year is already upon us. Do you have big plans and New Year's work resolutions for 2017? We all know how difficult it can be to stick with our goals for the year, so we've laid out some ways that can help you stick with them until the end of the year.

Set Achievable Goals

The worst thing about making new years resolutions is that many people don't set realistic goals that they can achieve. Make sure to set goals that are within reach (we have some tips on that below :)

Have an Accountability Partner

Designating an accountability partner (or multiple) is a great way to help you follow through with your New Year's resolutions. Choose someone you can rely on who can hold you "accountable", or even include them in on your resolutions so that you can both hold each other accountable.

Some Tips From Our Team!

Below are some helpful tips from our team on setting or keeping your New Year's resolutions:

"My biggest tip is to write your resolutions down and pin them to the front of your desk so you're reminded of them everyday." -Rachel

"I tell my best work friend to hold me accountable. That way I know they'll remind me every so often to make sure I follow through." -Nicole

"Set realistic goals and use a form of measurement so you can track the results. Example: Take the stairs twice a day. If you miss a day, you can just walk down then back up the next day to make up for the day you missed. Keep it simple!! -Annette

"Plan your work and work your plan. The key to any successful new years resolution is to have a plan. Whether it be working through a project in your career or making sure you hit the weight loss goal you need a plan. If you get away from that plan you need to make sure to come back to it, revise, and restart.

How to Start by making sure that your goal is SMART:

S – Smart

M – Measureable

A – Actionable

R – Realistic

T – Time Sensitive

I typically use excel and create a timeline. It allows you to check your status and if you’re meeting your goals quickly and visually. Try to have a teammate that will keep you accountable. This may mean someone that calls you out if you’re not at the gym or a co-worker to remind you to make time to move forward on a project.

Finally, reward yourself. Make small goals that are attainable. Saying I want to lose 50 pounds this year might be scary but saying I want to lose one pound a week this year seems more achievable. You reach the same goal but you have smaller steps to get there." -Joshua

"Remember to write 2017 on things instead of 2016." -Ed

"Attaching a timeline to your resolutions and putting friendly check point reminders on your work and phone calendars are a great way to keep on track throughout the year." -Christina

Do you have any tips on setting or keeping your New Year's resolutions? Please share them below!

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