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Looking to update your space or learn more about mid-century modern furniture? Read our tips on this popular style of furniture!

What is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

Mid-century modern designed furniture combines simple lines, pure forms, graphical patterns, unique shapes and accents. It's a trend that was popular from the mid 1940s to 1970, and by all accounts, is here to stay.

One of the famous examples of mid-century modern design is the office of Don Draper from the popular TV series, Mad Men.

Don Draper's Office from Mad Men

Image Source: Midcenturymodernist.com

Everything from the wood panel walls and cane backed chairs, to the sofa and armchairs that feature hard lines, wooden frames and steel legs screams mid-century modern that this era is known for.

How Do I Get the Mid-Century Modern Look?

To get the mid-century modern look, take a look at our selection of mid-century modern furniture, which includes tables, chairs, storage, desks and more.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

My favorite pieces from our mid-century modern furniture collection are the storage cabinets. Each have their own unique look that I haven't seen anywhere else and I love the geometric shapes created with the shelves.

Mid-Century Modern Storage Cabinets

What are some ideas you have to create the perfect mid-century modern look? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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